Welcome to BP ACTIVEWEAR, where we enjoy packing Active Box with the best pieces to create a sporty look and offer you the best surprise experience. We want the process of your subscription to be easy and clear, we want you to enjoy. We work every day to improve the form and the process so that we can understand our language and be part of the BP GIRLS community. Let us know your opinion about your experience by sending us an email to Info.barbaraportto@gmail. com

How does BP ACTIVEWEAR work?
Easy and fun. Respond to our subscription data sheet, according to your tastes and physical activity, selecting 3 different pieces of our multiple collections that fit you. Our selection and dedication is thinking about your tastes, because it is a personalized and special service. You can choose different subscription plans and you just have to wait until your Active Box arrives at your door or wherever you arrive.

Where does the Active Box come from?
worldwide shipping
What will I receive in my Active Box?
It's a surprise. Each box you receive will have 3 different pieces between leggings, bras, tops, jackets, gloves and more. Our design team will select the pieces for you. Our boxes can vary between 3 pieces or different garments or 3 pieces of the same gender, but you will always get variety in colors and design.

After choosing my plan and completing my profile, when does the Active Box arrive?

If you subscribe in April, for example, you receive your box at any time during that month.

Can I edit my profile on my next purchase or will I only have one opportunity to create and continue buying the box?

Each time you subscribe, you can recreate your profile, especially when the first time was to receive only one box, when you re-subscribe for as long as you want, you must recreate your profile, but it can not be edited when you choose plans . From 3 to 12 months. You can only change it when you renew it.

Do I have to complete the entire purchase process to receive Active Box?

Yes, you must comply with all the simple steps we offer you.

1. Choose your plan
2. Create your profile with your tastes and address
3. Make the payment through Paypal or Transfer

If you do not comply with all the steps, we can not work so you can receive your box.
What's wrong with something that does not fit?
The data sheet must be complete, if we have more information about you, the surprise will be better. It is very important that you know your size very well. Tell us on your profile. We ask all the questions to guarantee your satisfaction. We offer parts exchange if you did not receive the correct size. You have 3 days to request the change and you must write us. Info.barbaraportto@gmail com
What type of refund do you accept?
We only make changes in the wrong sizes or damaged parts. We do not return the money from your subscription, we do not make changes if you did not like any piece. You CAN Write an E-mail Our info.barbaraportto @ gmail.com If you have the disadvantage and you will help wi.
If I receive my active box and some piece does not fit, can I change the size and the change will be the same design?

We accept the change in size if our team is wrong in the size you chose in your profile. You must be sure of its size in each type of piece. You can go to our section of Size Guide to know the measures with which we work.

Our collections change constantly, if we make a change in size and the design is not available, we will send you another different design in a surprising way.
What sizes do you offer?
S- M- L

What happens if I do not like any part of my Active Box?
If we get enough information about you, you will love your surprise much more. If a piece does not like you, give it a try and enjoy it. You can also give a gift to a friend or exchange with a girl from BP. At this time, we do not offer to change the pieces if you do not like it. Our style and concept is the Active Box design for you and this reason can not only give us all your personal information, it can also be your discontent so you can do better next time. Write to our email Info.barbaraportto@gmail.com
Can I choose the pieces of my active box?
No, our work is for you and to create each box of surprises according to your tastes. We select different pieces for you to enjoy and can create your own appearance through us, to make your favorite exercise. We have a wide variety of materials and often design different pieces and collections. We are a platform of boxes for subscription. It is personalized and recommended by the designer for you.
What should I do if I dont know the brand?
Thank you for being interested in us, we are very happy with the parts of us. We recommend that we continue with red so you can know our colors, designs and styles. If you have never tried it, we have never tried our pieces, you have the option of getting an active box for just one moth. That's perfect. If you have the payment option, after responding to the data sheet, you can choose the plan per month, on the contrary.
What happens if a piece of the box is damaged or broken when I put it on?
We offer you the option to change. If a garment is broken or if it has something imperfect, we are responsible for that. We are only informed of our Email Info.barbarapportar @ gmail.com UN We will tell you The Process. You have 3 days to make a claim, from the day you received the Activa Box.
If I do not like my Active Box, will you give me back my money?
No, we do not. That's why we recommend that you ensure your subscription. You must answer each of the questions on your data sheet and, if you do not know the brand, you should not subscribe for more than 1 month.
How much is the BP ActiveWEAR Active Box?
We have 4 direct payment plans to choose from.
1 month $ 39.95 = 3 pieces
3 months $ 37.95 per box = $ 113.85 = 9 pieces
6 months $ 36.95 per box = $ 221.70 = 18 pieces
12 months $ 34.95 per box = $ 419.40 = 36 pieces
The 3, 6 and 12 month plans have lower prices than usual.
1 month plan: you will get that month only one box with 3 pieces.
3 month plan: Receive a box with 3 pieces per month.
6 month plan: Receive a box with 3 pieces per month.
12 month plan: Receive a box with 3 pieces per month.
What happens if I have a problem paying or do I need to file a claim?
Simply write to our email Info.barbaraportto@gmail.com and we will help you.
Once I receive my subscription, how long will it take to receive my box?
In the corresponding moth. Depending on the country in which you live, it will depend on the time it lasts. When we send the box, you will receive an email from the shipping company that we have chosen and, according to the guide number, it can be followed through the web. We will keep in touch and we will make sure of what we have received. Please inform us about our dissatisfaction with our email Info.barbaraportto@gmail.com
Do I have to pay any tax?
Each country has its own rules and laws, according to the city of arrival, you probably do not have to pay any taxes, but it may vary in your own country or city, so we are not responsible for it.
What should I do if I want to work for BP ACTIVEWEAR or be an influential person?
Cool! Write to info.barbaraportto@gmail.com